looking for a morticer cabinet


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10 Jan 2020
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Hi there i am a newbie to the forum, i have just started getting together my tools and have managed to pick up a Axminster BM78S Morticer. I want to mount it on a Morticer cabinet rather than a bench or stand but cannot seem to source one anywhere, I am sure it could be any morticer cabinet, but have tried Axminster, Charnwood, JET, SIP, Draper and even Machine Mart but no luck.
Anyone any suggestions where to source one of these?? Cheers steve
If one of the stands for other mortisers won't work look at stands/bases for smallish milling machines.

https://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-t ... and-105645

https://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-s ... and-210114

https://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-z ... sel=700094

Myself, I would be looking for a heavy duty tool rollaway cabinet for wrenches and the like. Beef up the top with some solid or plywood and call it good. Leave off the wheels if it is a little too high. Bonus is all the drawers for the machines tools and storage for a whole lot more.

+1 for Inspector's comments. The tool cabinet to store mortice chisels, sharpening kit etc is very useful.

The larger mortisers come with cabinets. Axminster are good about selling their parts separately so it might be worth giving their service department a call.
Thanks for the useful pointers, unfortunately Axminster were no help with a separate cabinet, I have got a roller cab so think i might resort to that but was hoping to source the heavy cabinet itself if I could - cheers again steve