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Long Neck Carbine Tip Insert Woodturning Tool


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Mad Maker Of Mad Rocking Horses
10 Jul 2011
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Essex UK
Have had this for nearly 2 years but have hardly used it. It's a bit too big for me (ahem) and so am selling it.

The tool is roughly 8" from the end of the ferrule. Has a 20 degree bend at the end. Also a nice 10-11" beech handle. Would probably be good for deep hollowing, something which I don't really do on my lathe.

During my workshop move the other carbide bits thàt came with it went walkies so its only coming with the round insert currently on it.

Am looking for £23 for it or trade for a shorter insert tool am not fussed really. Postage need to check as it's quite long so may be able to go first class recorded but might be took long.

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