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I don't think I've ever tried it with this style of drill brace, but a trick which works with the old-fashioned carpenter's brace-and-bit is to put a loose-fitting washer over the drill bit. If you are too high the washer works its way towards the workpiece as you drill; if you are too low it works towards the chuck.

I'm going to try that out myself - see if I can drill straight!
u gotta let the kids start somewhere.....

it's ok trying to get a drilled hole straight......
but for some people they cant bang a nail in straight.....or never will.......

I worked on a £4,000,000 machine and the works head engineer wanted to change a part.....
he turned up in all new safety gear......laugh......
he didn't know which way to turn said bolt or that the 2"diameter bolt needed a torque muliplier.....
ps ....all the bolts of similar size were individualy xrayed n crack tested.....plus certain number destroyed thru testing....
and each bolt had it's own individual traceable part number........oh happy days....

Teaching is all about the silly details. Capital letters, full stops, commas and so on. When you write down all the details and thoughts and things you say it adds up to a lot of waffle from me!!!

The even younger ones do get to just drill holes in logs and planks just for the hell of it. Makes me want to go and find and old log and take out some aggression!!

What on earth cost 4 million back in the day?
Second hand tool shop near me had two of these yesterday!!

Dob of grease inside and they run so quietly. Only 20cm and light as a feather.

Could be interesting
@stuart little ....when I served my time as a joiner many moons ago I remember an old boy telling me the slots in screws were only for removing them...🤣🤣🤣
Do they make a left handed version think about it
Hmmm - in theory possible.
Presumably you would want to rotate the handle counter clockwise so the planetary gear would need to be at the top of the main wheel to make the drill bit rotate clockwise - unless you have left handed bits - are they even a thing (excepting Chinese manufacturing errors 😂)
Left hand drills are a real thing
Very useful for drilling out of broken screws and usually (thats the plan) when they grab the screw unscrews itself
I have a drawer full of them from 1mm to 12mm