Making Curved Hinges for Oak Gate

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Just when you think you have everything - I now want a an anvil / metalworking shop - Brilliant work and nice for you to share it.
Thanks for sharing what is a fantastic bit of work - I must admit I love the combination of metal and woodwork and this epitomises the beauty of what you have made.
I myself have dabbled with both but without the skills you have shown in this post - I'm jealous !!



Job done. Install went without a hitch really. I quite enjoy getting away from the house’s windows and doors and getting a change of scenery

Absolutely superb work Scotty. I really appreciate the detail of the write-up and stage photos. A very cunning way to deal with the top capping - ingenious and practical. I feel confident that the client was very happy with it.
I appreciate the interest thanks to all for the kind words and taking the time to have a look.
the next interesting job that comes up ill be sure to get it on here, in the meantime I’m bringing back some lovely old English machines to their former selves and as and when I’ll try and get that up on here too.
Thanks again


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