Lidl doing LED battens

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Not a bad price, shame they only output about 50-60% of a similarly sized fluorescent lamp though.
Any one know how to work out LED ratings and what lumens equate to in watts or however it works?
Rorschach":k37d3mdv said:
Not a bad price, shame they only output about 50-60% of a similarly sized fluorescent lamp though.

i replaced some flourescent tubes in the utility and kitchen for led tubes and I think they are brighter
If they are the same as the ones I bought previously I fitted 3 to one side of the shed. To save money I fitted 3 panel lights I got free from an office ripout on the other side 2 non led bulbs in each. Wish to God I'd just stumped for 3 more lights. Or 6. Or 10 wired in sequence ideally for shed mood lighting. It's one of those costs you put off but makes a HUGE difference on a day to day basis.
Completely biased unscientific non lumen based opinion. One half of the shed is bathed in light . The other is ok in practice but hindsight is 20/20. For a garden shed setup they are fine. I also have a lidl worklight on a bungee cord for f#%k me direct brightness with a few hooks positioned about the shed roof in strategic positions. It works fine for me but it's a bit Bodgitt, Leggit and Willy Knockit. Be lovely to have proper lights. And extraction. And strippers.
We manage.
We have an entrance with a flight of stairs, it had a 4ft florescent fitting

Got fed up with the flick flick flick on and having to change starters or tubes, so thought I would try an LED batten instead

It was £25 delivered, the difference is very marked , the expression "its like a chip shop in here" springs to mind, instant light on the switch on

Same length but using a stated 70% less energy than the flo fitting , but its way brighter

I will check these lidl ones out as I need two more to replace flo fittings in my store come workshop
Bought the lidl led to replace existing fluorescent lights. Existing lights have an earth. Do I need to rewire and if not what do I do with the earth wire?
just terminate the earth wire in a bit of "choc block " terminals such that it cant touch any other connections
Thanks Flying Haggis. I have two lights in the garage and it looks like the feed goes to the first light then branches to the second light. Not sure this can be done with the new led lights. Do I need to fit a junction box? Or another solution?
can you get two cables through the gland on the first light?

PS they are back in store if anyone wants any
I bought 3 of these yesterday to replace my workshop lighting. Yet to fit them but tried one out compared to my existing Fluorescent fitting.
I have 5ft Fluorescents and compared side by side (the Lidl one is 4ft) It seemed about as bright so would probably feel slightly brighter than a 4ft Fluorescent (i have never written Fluorescent so many times in one sentence!). However it is hard to tell as the colour feels a little colder/bluer than my Fluro tubes so naturally feels a bit brighter.
I don't have any fancy test equipment to compare but I can maybe take some photos to see if the before and after seems any different.
If anything it's about half the wattage so I will save some pennies on the electric and instant light which is nice.
I had a twin 5 foot fluorescent fitting in the garage above a bench and yes the tubes were getting on a bit the ends were going a bit grey and in the cold weather took a while to get up to speed. So I bought one of the 4 foot Lidls and temp wired in place of the twin 5 foots it seemed better/brighter. Rushed back and bought the last one so I now have two LED 4 foots and the fluorescent fitting has been recycled at the dump. BTW they have actual tubes that can be replaced if you so wished, against some others where the LEDs are incorporated in the fitting and cannot be replaced.
So LED lights fully recommended
I went with the wife to Lidl and saw a stack of them, couldn’t buy them as my garage already has TWO light bulbs !! so went back the next morning and they had all gone ☹️
So now I’m just running two 5m strips of leds across the ceiling. Just waiting on another LED driver to arrive as the small EBay one I had didn’t fill me with confidence when looking at the quality of the 240v connections inside of it.