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21 Nov 2008
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Hi people,

Has anyone on here had anything to do with the new range of Laguna dust extractors ?
In particular the P Flex 3 cyclone.

I have seen a few videos on You Tube, but was wondering if anyone on here has one, or used one and could put their views on here.


Apologies for this reply because it's not helpful at all but I did have a good look at one at a woodworking show (think it was Harrogate last year) and must say they are the coolest looking dust extractor ever, one would look fantastic stood in the corner of my workshop 8)
I've seen one in action in a workshop. Very similar layout and size to the Jet unit I have (also remote control) but more powerful and quieter. HEPA filter and all the dust bag and chip bin changes are less fiddly than on mine. I would be buying this if I needed to change.
Thanks for the input lads. Done a bit of homework as well, and they seem to be rated quite highly.
Not cheap but from a health point of view re the fine dust, seems to be the way to go for me.

Have secured a good price locally so just have to pull the trigger.

Thanks again for the input.

Just about to pull the trigger on the Laguna, when a small delivery from Axminster rocks up complete with their latest catalogue, had a quick peep at extractors, and they have just introduced a new Gyro dust separator. Looks nothing like your normal extractor but looks impressive so its back to the drawing board !!!

I knew I shouldn't have looked at the catalogue Lol.

The Gyro looks a great concept but I would be worried about the capacity of the bin on it, it's only 120 litre total split between coarse and fine dust, looks about 100 litre for wood shavings, a planer thicknesser would fill that in no time.
The Gyro has been around for a few years.....If I remember correctly it was designed in Asia and has been rebadged by a few companies....I was intrested in it a few year back but couldn't find any reviews....if you get one please let us know how it works out

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Doug, take on board what you said about the capacity, and that is about the only downside I can see apart from the price !!!

Jonathan, Axminster have a video off it, and also there is a couple of videos of the American version which is identical but under another name.

Decisions decisions.................................................

I remember seeing a video showing this Gyro somehow compacts the waste more efficiently than your normal extractor.....cant remember the science behind it.....or maybe I was having sawdusty dreams!

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