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22 Dec 2022
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South Petherton
Evening all. I have been given a Kity 637 P/T from a neighbour who himself inherited it from a fellow woodworker. It's clearly been a while since it has been used, so I'm spending time cleaning it up, but as I am not technically minded, it's one careful step at a time. Before I run anything through it I'll need to source a blade guard. I would be grateful for any advice as to where I can find a replacement.

Thank you in advance


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The missing guard is a moulded plastic one piece.
I fear these are as rare a rocking horse droppings given the age of the machine and the potential for the part to be damaged over the life of a well used one.
You might try NMA Agencies in Yorkshire who did distribute Kity and are now a major supplier of Scheppach who bought Kity.
You could check out the website of Probois in France.
I think any of the newer clones of the 3636 / 637 machine are unlikely to use the same moulded plastic guard (although I found the design perfectly good and better than a number of aluminium guards found on newer PTs) so you may end up needing to modify the arm to take a different guard.
Kity designs were widely copied and somewhat "improved" over the years. Chinese made and sold under numerous brand names including some Axminster models.

Your machine has had a very easy life. The table tops are anodised aluminium and there is very little wear on them. I would avoid planing reclaimed timber on the machine as that is often contaminated with grit and metal which will ruin the tables quickly. Some machine table wax will help the timber to slide freely on them but no need for anti-rust wax on the aluminium :)
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Thank you @Sideways for your detailed reply. I spoke to my neighbour this evening who suggested we may be able to craft a replacement but will also follow up on your recommendation for NMA.

Very kind of you and much appreciated.
You can see the guard here, it's just a rectangular piece of plastic with a curve on the top, I am sure someone with a 3D printer would be able to knock one up for you.
Easiest to get a length of plastic guttering then cut it to size and heat with hot air gun to get the appropriate bend shape.. I make all sorts of things with plastic like this by making a positive and negative shape in wood, heat the plastic then clamp between two halves of mold to cool down.