Kity 613 Bandsaw start capacitor

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30 Jan 2012
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Can someone tell me where to find the start capacitor on the Kity 613 bandsaw and how easy is it to replace it please. Are the wheel rubbers also available or do I make my own. Cheers in advance for any help.
replacement tyres from a company near exmouth?

You want the 4.8mm ones., one for top and one for bottom.

Think capacitor is mounted inside the motor cover.

Search "kity 613"" on here, plenty of helpful threads to read.
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One of my first ever threads on UKW was an overhaul of a 613. The thread got chewed up during a forum software update and the photos were scrambled but are still there at the end of each post.

The capacitor isn't shown but I noted that it's a 20uF 400V rated cap. Possibly one of those that has a captive length of flex and a threaded stud on the opposite end so it just mounts using a hole in the chassis.
The motor was single phase, single capacitor. Cap is permanently in circuit and there isn't a separate start cap.
That's a good thing as there's no centrifugal switch in the motor to go wrong.
I'm sure you will find it with the motor when you remove the louvred back panel.

This was my first ever bandsaw. I've learnt more about them since then.
The 613 has flat tyres and should be tracked to keep the teeth just hanging off the front edge of the tyre so that the set of the teeth doesn't wear the tyre.
This doesn't suit really narrow blades to my mind, but equally it's a small bandsaw and won't have the strength to tension a wide blade.
I'd say 1/2" to max 5/8" carbon blades are the best match to the saw.