Scheppach Basato 5-2 Bandsaw Electrics

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Duncan A

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8 Nov 2007
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Trying to get a recently purchased Basato 5-2 bandsaw working and would appreciate some lecky advice. I am doing this from a distance so can't immediately do the obvious things, so please bear with me.
The bandsaw needs a spin of the wheels in order to start and then runs just fine so the issue is almost certainly the capacitor or the centrifugal switch (if there is one).

The picture shows the terminal box on the motor and the start/run capacitor alongside it.
The wiring appears to have been modified with the addition of another capacitor (at least, I think it is a capacitor) and a couple of diodes.
As yet, I don't have the details of either the original capacitor or the add-on.
I also don't yet have the details off the motor rating plate; just that of the bandsaw, so for now I'm assumig the motor is the original 2.8kW input motor.
Does anyone know what the add-on capacitor and diodes are for?

By comparison, there's a picture somewhere in UKW of the terminal box on Steve Maskery's Basato 5 and it just has the expected wiring; no additional components.
Not sure if it's relevant but this bandsaw has a 2.8kW input motor and I know that some of the earlier models had a smaller motor (1.6kW?)

Thanks in advance


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