Kitchen panel between integrated units?

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28 Aug 2016
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I'm fitting a kitchen, not my normal work, it's a bit of a favour for someone and some opinions would be appreciated.

There is an integrated washer/dryer next to an integrated dishwasher with a panel between them. What is the best way to fit this panel, do I put it in before the worktops and use some laths 600 and 450 long to hold it in place till I can fix it to the worktop or do I just leave the correct gap and fit it under the worktop after when I have something to bracket it to?

Here is a quick sketch showing the layout and panels.

kitchen panel.jpg

Would it be better to also have a panel going to the floor on the right of the dishwasher, the plan doesn't show one and they haven't sent one?

Is this the best way to do the plinths, I presume the one under the washer/dryer might need to come off sometimes which is why it's separate? The plans show the panels going to the floor which is fine as the flooring is Karndean and already down.

Any advice appreciated, @Distinterior is normally my guru for these things.
I'd normally set the dishwasher and washer dryer lower and put an 18mm bridging panel over them.
The support panel can then be fixed to the bridge. Obviously to keep the lines you need to set the bridge back behind the doors and keep the front of the support panel full length.
All I can add is do the dividing panels need to be full depth. If you can get away with 150mm then it would make access a lot easier.

IMO, you definitely want a panel to the right of the dishwasher too. The sides of most built-in dishwashers are pretty industrial and designed to be hidden. Remember to leave yourself a reasonable cutout at the rear next to the wall to help get the waste from the dishwasher connected to the sink. They can be a pain if the waste outlet on the dishwasher is in a bad spot.
Being integrated will the appliance doors and pull out bin be lay on? will you then not need a double panel between units, just a thought.
Technically, you only need a panel between integrated appliances, so only one panel required to function.
If you put the bin next to the DW and the washer goes where the bin is then you wouldn't need any.
Thanks all.

@doctor Bob the bridging panel sounds a good idea, I was just worried that dropping the appliances would drop the hinging point of the doors and I didn't want to end up with a cut out in the plinth like you sometimes see, I guess 18mm isn't much though so should be okay.

The original plan did have the washer at the end and bin in the middle but I think it would have meant more messing with the plumbing as I don't think the washing machine waste would have reached the sink waste, also I like the idea of a solid unit at the end rather than just a panel.

@eribaMotters me being a tight Yorkshireman I wasn't going to use a full panel anyway, why use a full panel when you can cut it down the middle and get two out of it :giggle:

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