Kitchen update series episode 1

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2 Apr 2024
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Kitchen update 1:
Hello, im a new member and this my first post.
About me and plans; I am not in the best of health at the moment, i just cannot motivate myself after being mad keen diy'er I've lost all confidence and will to live. That said i still believe things will getter soon. I try to do jobs on the house so i can reflect on something poitive.
The kichen in my oppion funcions poorly. This is because wasted space and no storage . So the plan is to knock down the old cistern cupboard and build bigger to accommodate a utilty area (washer dryer stacked on top of each other.


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Welcome. I was also in a bad way for part of last year and while I have now recovered I am still very unfit and find it hard to complete as much in a day as I used to, old age has also contributed to this.

I found that having to do things gave me incentive to do more so keep at it.

Looking forward to updates on progress.

I am currently trying to summon up the energy to go and paint the inside of the porch, I hate painting especially as my wife thinks all the preparation is a waste of time and I should just slap it on. There are some walls in the house where I am still trying to get rid of the brush marks where various relatives helped 40 odd years ago an appear to have used a yard brush.
I like the rounded corners, a nicer look than the sharp defined corners you get with plaster bead.

Welcome, yes I like that rounded corner too, none of that looked at all as bad as I was expecting. That could be made into a really good walk in pantry- all the rage at the mo. And if you demolish it you still have to do something with the boiler.
Washer dryers are moving upstairs nowadays if you have anywhere to put them, corner of a large landing?
Makes sense to bring them upstairs, no more taking the laundry down and then up the stairs again.
Thanks for support,. The corner is the nightmare for me at moment, this is the 1st time i have attempted this. I m looking for support to finish properly, the way i achieved this is by slicing the plaster board with inch spacing and the bending round former. Now i have been applying plaster in stages and having to sand heavily to recover some reasonable finish, as applying plaster around the corner did not work out, ended up using my hand in a plastic bag. So i have stopped work at moment and. Looking for ideas for the doors. At moment im looking into louvre doors because of gas tumble dryer, but i dont know how to finish the door surround ..
Welcome onboard, glad to see you in the thick of a project. Mental health is just not talked about enough. I’ve noticed many on here sharing their troubles and difficulties, and the amazing responses from the others on here. I think most folks have or are currently struggling, it’s part of life, and in my opinion what used to be called a middle aged crisis, when men would buy a motor bike or fast car.

Wishing you peaceful times and motivation for all your projects.


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