katsu type router in table???


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6 Jul 2011
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Newcastle, Co Down
Hi I have a friend just starting to get into a bit of woodworking. He was asking me if there was a cheap way of setting up a router table. I bought a ready made router table when i started and by the time i had 6 months experience i really wished i had taken advice on this site and built my own. I was going to advise him to buy a katsu type router to mount in his table however i don't own one myself. Does anyone out there have one mounted in a table? is it any good?. I know he isn't going to be doing any heavy duty stuff with it ,it'll be round overs and the like. Thanks ,P.
I mounted my Rutland’s version of the Katsu into a home-built router table. To be fair, I have’nt used it much but it has been fine for what I have used it for. I mounted mine on a hinged top, using quick release toggle clamps, using the fixed base, leaving the plunge base free for hand routing. All in it’s quite a flexible way of utilising this little router: bits can be changed quickly, and the motor can be used quickly in either plunge or fixed in a matter of seconds. Fine height is adjusted via one of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lift-Table-B ... SwsTVasKiM

After having said all that, i do wish I’d have used a 1/2 router instead.....
My katsu is my only router and I made a super simple little table for it from MFC and a 2x4. There are pics of it on the forum.

Works a treat for me as I don't need it often.