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I suggest that you have never felt the emotion 'Hate' - had you done so you would never concider the word in that light.
With the greatest of respect, what I explained previously isn't what I consider the word to mean, it's simply one of its recognised meanings in the English language. Any "emotion" which that fact may give rise to has nothing to do with linguistics or my original comment; if you choose to go off on a tangent, that's down to you, and it certainly has nothing to do with Jokes...or having a sense of the ridiculous. I use words in accordance with what they actually mean, not with what I think they mean or what I'd like them to mean - you might perhaps consider a similar approach...
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Gentlemen, this is a woodworking forum not a place for airing your views on social issues. I believe (could be wrong) that there is another part of this forum for people who wish to change the world and make their political feelings known. Please leave this part of the forum to woodworking questions, go to the spleen venters part and use it!
If I may, perhaps I could propose some simple guidelines for the "joke thread"? Moderators - if I am out of order please advise accordingly.

1. If you have a joke or humorous cartoon that you think is worthy of sharing, please do post it on this thread.
2. If you don't understand any item, a simple :dunno: emoji will suffice. The OP can then explain as necessary.
3. If you like/dislike any item then please click on the like icon and choose the appropriate love/hate emoji only. Please do not comment. If the item is distasteful I am sure the moderator will take appropriate steps to correct the issue.
4. If you really feel that an item deserves discussion/debate/castigation/capital punishment etc., please raise a separate thread accordingly so that others may ignore/join in as they see fit, without spoiling the enjoyment of those who read the joke thread for it's levity and brevity alone.

Lastly, please accept my apologies for commenting in the joke thread! I considered posting this as a separate thread but I felt it important and relevant to post it here. I shall endeavour not to repeat the offence.
Happy Ron Pickering day.
7th anniversary

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