Jacob's chuck drawbar question


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I agree. Marble rolling pins are for the aesthetically aware And laminated dough enthusiasts. They are really only good as a show piece and making puff pastry, as you can cool the marble first. And they are really heavy, and if you drop on ceramic floor or marble countertop, they just got more expensive!
Rather than corrupt this thread any further, I've created a new one in the 'Off Topic' section.
Good to get a range of opinions and advice. I will be using the Jacob's chuck with drawbar when I need to use it as a drive. I do also have a sanding disc mounted on a faceplate.
It didn't hit me but it was worrying enough to ensure that since then I don't use a Jacob's chuck in the headstock without a drawbar.
Glad you weren't hurt - it's frightening how quickly these things can happen. Worst one for me so far is a steel rule falling onto the chuck off the headstock tray. It ended up embedded in a sheet of ply at the other end of the workshop. It would have been an A&E job if I'd been in the way.
On occasion I have used my Jacob chuck on an MT2 arbor in the headstock to hold small workpieces.
I do however keep the speed down and bring the tail stock up so the taper cannot come out of the spindle even if it releases its’ grip (which it never has).

I also have an MT2 ‘pig tail’ for holding polishing mops and again, bring up the tailstock as a security measure.
You've obviously not had a Jacob's chuck on an MT2 launch itself at you.
Not actually launched, it just fell off the taper! Drill chuck tapers as suggested really aren’t designed to take side loads.
Morse tapers are fine though with a draw bar. I’ve used several milling machines that had MT3 tapers.

If you want to mount small stuff in the headstock spindle you’d be better off with a collet chuck: