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12 Jan 2015
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Norn Iron
Not wishing to hijack jon c's thread I'll start another.

My idea to put shutters on the inside of my windows has been, so far long on planning and short on doing, but I'm finally motivated.

One window requires two 1500mm by 500mm and the other four of the same size with some kind of bifold hinges.

I checked out Ikea for readymade doors, but nothing available.

I could, I suppose buy larger and cut them down.

What do you all suggest?
Possibly a bit of a radical suggestion on a woodworking forum but maybe you could make some :dunno:
Strange as it may seem, I did consider that.

There are many variations in design and approach, that's why I asked first.
I guess one of the first questions is when they are open will they fold back within the reveal or will they have to fold back against the wall?

There is a firm locally started supplying the louvre type shutters for windows, half the houses in the village have them now!
I like the georgian style ones, also want to make some myself, you could use MDF for the panels especially if they'll be painted white anyway, they do block some sound and improve insulation apparently, could potentially improve energy efficiency as well.

If you want to make the louvre type it'll be a lot of repetitive work, could be worth making a jig for the slats, poplar would probably be a bit better than pine to work with, quite like the idea of using a nice looking hardwood like ash for mine and leave it natural and just oil it with osmo, I haven't seen it before, limed ash would look stunning too.

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