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John Brown

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25 Sep 2008
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Stinchcombe, Gloucestershire
I believe there are two or three other Inca 260 bandsaw owners on these forums..
It seemed that the blade tension spring on mine was past its best, but I didn't want to be gouged by Inca Machines in France(?), so I looked for an alternative. A bit hit and miss, but settled on a LC 112J 06 M from Lee Springs. Similar number of coils, wire diameter, ID and OD, free length about 5 mm longer.
It turned up this morning, and I installed it. Seems to work well, 1/2" blade tensioned nicely without the crude indicator being past the 5 mark, as it used to be.
Here's the bad part, although the cost of the spring was only 5.34, they slap on a 12.50 handling charge, and then(and I'd swear this wasn't shown anywhere until I'd finished the order), VAT on top. So I ended up being gouged anyway.
However, I didn't post this just to complain, but it occurred to me that if there were a few Inca users desirous of replacement springs, a bulk order could substantially reduce the cost.
I recently replaced the spring on my Inca 260 bandsaw, however I was unable to find a spring of the correct, or even slightly longer length So I had to get one that was about 5 times longer so had to cut it down. Mine cost about ฿160 or £3.50 for 2. These came from a local spring supplier so the actual cost was about £0.50.
I did get 2 as I wasn’t sure which one was better
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