How would you remove this thread from these drill handle /chef hats?

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10 Jul 2011
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Essex UK
So I was donated approximately 100 drill handles and chef hats by an "upcycler" who converts drills into coat hooks or something. Many a miller's falls handle I have found in these boxes which is sad to see. 😕

Anyway.....many of these handles have had their threads or shafts removed but many remain. I've been putting the ones that are missing both their shafts and ferrals into my chuck on my lathe and hope to turn them into tulips see below. So the everything is nice and true so am turning theses in next to no time!


But my question is how do I remove the fixings from the hole from the ones that still have their thread attached without damaging where the ferral is? I know there are some woodworkers who have restored drills in the past so thought they'd might know.


Any suggestions would be appreciated please .🙂 I've got to have a supply of these ready in time to be on sale for Mother's Day.
Robbo3 has said exactly what I was thinking, immediately on reading this. That's how I'd do it also. (y)

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