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how to build a shooting board and what plane to use?


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4 Oct 2020
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the plane may initially make a little shaving but the little bit of sole that makes a bench plane not a rebate plane stops it going any further. a rebate plane would do as you describe though.
there is a knack to them with regards to mostly pressing down onto the runway.
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7 Jul 2010
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I have seen a ton of tutorials, but this is the one I liked the most

I like this one. It's hardly a shooting board at all.
It's still unnecessarily complicated - I would use just the board alone, against a planing stop, for edges of boards. No need to add anything, just a piece of scrap with one straight edge. No need to clamp it or hold it down, though you might if you had a lot to do.
For end grain I'd just nail on a stop at right angles and rest it all against planing stop the same. Might screw it if planning to use it a lot.
Mitres often don't work too well and there's a simple reason; because of the light holding, and angle of cut, the plane tends to pull the mitred piece towards itself a touch and alter the cut angle fractionally. Easier to get it close and then trim by "offering up" and eyeballing the adjustment needed - which is what chap in vid is doing at one point, where he's adjusting his stop.
PS what plane to use? A 5 is a nice size for thin stuff. 5 1/2 for thicker drawer fronts perhaps.
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Derek Cohen (Perth Oz)

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2 Mar 2005
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Perth, Australia
Matt Estlea does a good one too. It is on a slight angle sinuses the whole plane blade rather than the same part over and over b
Sorry. He talks a lot of nonsense in his preamble ramble:

Only a small part of the blade is used in his set up .... "his" design is no different from many others built before him. Michael Connor was the first one I saw. I built nearly 20 years ago, and have discussed many a time on fori. His attempt to use "all the blade" fails (although there is a way to do this - just not his way). The preamble of his is simply to sell his video. Viewer Beware on YouTube.

I wrote this article in 2008: Setting Up and Using a Shooting Board

The ramp does not impart a shear cut, as he claims. The shear cut can only come from a plane with a built-in angle, as with the shooting planes by Veritas, Stanley and Lie Nielsen. All straight blade planes cut at an initial angle, but there after it is edge-on.

The fence does not, as he claims, prevent spelching (or breakout, as he calls it). What prevents spelching is technique (simply, a chamfer on the backside of the board). As soon as one uses a fence, it loses the zero clearance aspect.

Regards from Perth