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19 Mar 2020
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Hi all, I need some advice on which hinges allow the following…

I’m wanting to make 5, what basically look like kitchen carcasses - 120cm x 60cm x 30cm. 5 units all joined together to make a 3m long unit.

But on the front of the doors, will be 5cm of padding.

I want all the units to be joined, so the padding will appear seamless. A padded wall for a play room, with hidden units behind them.

However, I was going to use kitchen hinges, but they wouldn’t work with the padding.


I hope these terrible images help get my idea across :)

Can anyone please help what hinges allow for this style of opening?

Many thanks!
You might be able to use the ones designed for units with a face frame, they come with an extended bracket to clear the frame.
Check out the Blum catalogue online for options.
Or the 170 degree ones designed for corner units maybe.

Thanks guys.

The parliament hinges - I don’t think they’ll work.

The 170 degree kitchen hinges - they “might” work. If the door isn’t opened beyond the 90 degrees.


I’ll pick up a set from toolstation and see.

But I’m still open to ideas if anyone has any?

Thank you.
You almost need a "double pivot" sort of design.
SOSS hinges with a long enough throw if you mount them in the end of the carcass.
I know blum do cranked hinges for "thick" doors but not sure how thick they go to.
Maybe Hettich or Sugatsune might do some.

You can do this by using a pivot hinge set 5cm in from the hinge side. This does mean that you will have to allow space for the edge of the door to swing inside the cabinets and the doors would have to inset rather than face fix
Going to throw it out there. If they're high up could they hinge up instead? Make the padding attach to the door with velcro, when ever they need to access the cupboard they just remove the padding?
What about instead of regular hinge-type doors, make them pull-out, a bit like you get bin cupboards on kitchens?

(Obviously without the whacking great metal handle 😉 )