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      BodgeJob reacted to peter-harrison's post in the thread Hinge advice… with Like Like.
      A parliament hinge would work. You could paint it the colour of your fabric and it wouldn’t be too obvious
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      BodgeJob reacted to Ollie78's post in the thread Hinge advice… with Like Like.
      You might be able to use the ones designed for units with a face frame, they come with an extended bracket to clear the frame. Check out...
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      BodgeJob replied to the thread Hinge advice….
      Thanks guys. The parliament hinges - I don’t think they’ll work. The 170 degree kitchen hinges - they “might” work. If the door isn’t...
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      Hi all, I need some advice on which hinges allow the following… I’m wanting to make 5, what basically look like kitchen carcasses -...
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