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11 May 2020
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Hello, I'm after a bit of advice if possible, I've now got the ability to start to turn my shed into a workshop having moved house.

The shed in the garden is custom built, annoyingly the doors open inwards and I would like to swap them round so they open outwards and I can make more use of the space inside.

Has anyone got any suggestions on how I could achieve this? My first thought was to replace it with a steel door which would include its own frame? But seems quite a bit of money!

The black boards on the outside are feather edge so not flat unfortunately so can't attach hinges to the surface.

Thanks in advance Adam


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Mount the hinges on the outside.

If needed use some scrap feather edge to even up the feather edge..
OMG, amateur hour with who ever hung that door! It’s the wrong way around!! The bracing should be planted on the hinge side and pushing up the door frame on the swinging side, absolute ruckie mistake. I’d get them back and get them to refit it with hinges as you want as compensation for fitting incorrectly to begin with.
Personally I would place three stainless steel hinges on the door, having swapped it around, you can screw or nail a stop around the jambs and head to match where the door rests when closed.
Hello, thanks for the replys, yes maybe custom was the wrong terminology lol, unfortunatly I've inherited the sheds (there's two the same) so it's not a matter of getting someone back.

Is there an a smart way to fix the mistakes?
It’s a little difficult to be absolutely prescriptive without actually seeing it, however I would attempt it using one of two methods as it would appear that there is door furniture drilled through.
1. If possible, remove the two braces and pop them the other way around. However, they might have the facing boards nailed through to them, if so, I wouldn’t bother And use method 2.
2. Fix additional bracing so that I create an X on the top and bottom of door. The new pieces nailed through the sides of the new pieces into the frame and existing braces.