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23 Mar 2023
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Just starting to play around with a Parkside PDM600 lathe I was given as a Christmas present. Its been a mere 55 years since I last made a bowl on a lathe, so it's a learning experience. I think the Parkside it destined for my grandson but in the interim I was trying to source a suitable chuck for it. The M18 x 1.5mm thread on the head stock spindle is proving to be quite rare!
I see on one of the forums that one solution is to have an insert made to transfer to say a 1" 8tpi chuck but I think I need to see whether that's the best option.
Thanks for your interest. Cheers, Robert.
Welcome to the asylum 🤪🤪🤪
I've no experience with Parkside lathes but never heard a good word about them.
Hi Stigmorgan, I'm sure you're right- they are flimsy, with an aluminium bench mounting and a thin base plate, but they are very cheap and OK for someone pottering occasionally-like a grandchild. I've altready had to rethread the bolt on the plastic lock on the tool support! I also read the two chisels provided are very soft and bend easily. Seem OK so far but they are a good length and weight for a junior. Just need a chuck.
Just need a chuck.
Although they are very convenient, you can turn a lot without a chuck. Indeed, I understand their common use on woodworking lathes is a relatively new thing.
Before that, face-plates and drive centres were used to mount workpieces. Did your lathe come with these?
Yes that's certainly what I remember and the lathe does come with an 80mm Aluminium face plate. But it looks flimsy and mounting a short aluminiumon thread onto the steel drive centre makes me cautious. We shall see.