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A very nice example of a diminished stile door with marginal glazing, my only critique would be that the lock rail does not feature a quadruple-tenon as in traditional work so that the lock can be placed centrally without lessening the strength of the door, but that's being very pedantic.

I have original prints of the booklets, Door Making, Window Making, and Elementary Staircasing issued by "The Woodworker". I can see why they are quite rare as the staples are prone to rusting and the booklet simply falling apart and I would assume many have been thrown out over the years. It was good someone took the effort to preserve the text even if it is a bit confusing in places, but as @Adam W. says, probably more intended as a supplement to a 7-year apprenticeship as was the case back then.

Frankly, it's amazing that we've managed to cram all of this knowledge of the craft down to a 2-year apprenticeship in the space of a hundred years, we must be much cleverer than our predecessors!
We don't even need that these days, you can just rock up and do a level 2 NVQ in carpentry by winging it and choosing the right assessor.

It's mad. I'm trying to get my Danish carpenters ticket and they are viewing me and my English qualifications with extreme suspicion.

They must have got whiff that we are extremely dodgy on the island.
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I'm putting a deep backset heavy sprung tube latch with knobs on the mid rail. And a narrow stile deadlock above on the diminished stile. An inch hole shouldn't weaken that joint overly. I reckon the quad tenon is really important if your using a traditional horizontal mortice lock as there massive! On inward openers I like to put a victorian mortice lock in an oak box. It's actually much easier to do than sinking that massive mortice! And doesn't weaken the door.


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I was watching Bradshaw Joinery making a gun stock door, and using a spindle moulder to cut the rebate in the styles. This is exactly how I do it. Far easier to see it rather than try and explain it……except I use a proper ring fence and stops 😂😂

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Watched it right up to the point of not having a crown guard on the table saw on a full depth cut.