General advice about choosing timber size for loft bed.

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Great job @mar_tin
I chucked these together a few years ago when the mrs and kids went for a day out. I had scribbled down a rough plan beforehand and had a couple of sheets of 18mm mdf.... L shape 18mm mdf legs for speed and to take down easily....

I got it done and primed / undercoat in water based, topcoat had to wait a couple of weeks, and yes we actually chose the green 😆

Obviously these have lower rails and the stairs/ slide to give rigidity, but you could easily build it to incorporate drawers / hanging underneath.

I always intended to take it up the workshop one weekend and sand all the edges back and spray it up, but 4 years later it's still not done and now we are looking at changing to a bed each with their own storage underneath 😔 and no, the stairs dont conform to building regs 😄


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