Found this strange Day-glo pink crusty thing in my grass, any ideas?

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5 Jan 2017
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lincolnshire Wolds
Well I’ve been rather busy and have let the grass go a bit – quite a bit and in a particularly damp area I found this strange thing about 2 1/2 inches across, it feels crusty/crystalline on the top and when I investigated underneath it’s really bright Day-glo pink and mushy/slimy,
I have looked online but can’t find anything, I suspect it’s a fungus? Ian
Yes I came across that when I was looking but it’s nothing like this strange beast it’s about an inch thick top to bottom.
It’s too unusual to just mow over, but I suspect if I try and move it it won’t survive, or do I just treat it like any other toadstool in the grass?
Has there been an unusual glow in the sky overnight?
Any reports of crop circles locally?
Is Elvis living in your shed?
At first glance it looks like the Cauliflower Fungus ( Sparassis Crispa ), although I have never seen one that's pink. It's possible I suppose, that a fungus from warmer climes has spread to Britain due to warming climate though.

Do you have trees growing nearby, or has a tree been felled in that location in the past? I ask this because the fungi grow around the foot of conifers, and another species grows on oak.

Have a look at the link below that shows phots of the Cauliflower Fungus.
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