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Fine adjuster for bandsaws everywhere


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Hi all

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been playing again :oops:

I decided to make a fine adjuster for the fence on my bandsaw instead of keep tapping it with the palm of my hand to get that last 0.5mm.
I made a prototype ouf of MDF and Oak and it worked very nicely. I then had an aluminium version made but the MDF/Oak one worked equally as well even if it did not look quite as nice.

With a 30mm diameter adjuster knob on a 6mm thread, I can easily adjust the fence to within 1/8mm of where I want it which is absolutely great :D

The pictures tell the story - I will try to post the CAD drawings sometime soon as I did for my router table insert

Easy to use. Just clamp the new block to the fence with the front knob which is 30mm diameter with M6 threaded hole. Once the block is locked, I nip the fence lock up until it just touches the fence - this keeps the fence perpendicular to the front bar as I turn the adjuster screw. I then turn the 30mm adjuster knob and get a smooth 1mm per revolution. Nice :D

Lock the fence and cut

View from below so that you can see the two nyloc nuts and washers that attach it to the actual fence. The new block has an M6 threaded hole across it and the adjuster knob screws into and out of the block to move the fence



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20 Feb 2005
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Timely reminder for me - I have been meaning to make a fine adjuster for my bandsaw ever since I purchased it (25 years ago!!)


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