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Sold Trend WRT Router Table


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31 Jan 2020
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Andover, NW Hampshire
I am now offering this table without the Trend T11 router. Please scroll below the photographs to view my latest post.

The Trend WRT table is in excellent condition having seen very little use (but see note at the end of this entry). The same comment applies to the T11 router which was purchased new at the same time as the table and has remained with the table since.

The router comes as new with:
  • Power Switch
  • Side Fence
  • Guide Bush Plate
  • 30mm Guide Bush
  • Guide Bush Pin
  • 22mm Spanner
  • Collet (1/2")
  • 2 in 1 Height Adjuster
  • Top-Mount Extraction Adapter (a bit pointless in IMHO)
  • Cyclone Dust Adapter
  • Hard Storage Case
The table comes as new with:
  • Large laminated MDF table.
  • Removable 6.35mm thick aluminium insert plate with 98mm diameter aperture, pre drilled for Trend TBC routers and T14 & the discontinued T11 router.
  • Quick release aluminium extrusion back fence with sliding MDF cheeks.
  • Quick Raiser and Quick Release facility for the Trend T14 & the discontinued T11 router.
  • High back fence with fully adjustable guard assembly.
  • Fully adjustable side finger pressure.
  • Front and side adjustable feather pressure guards.
  • Steel leg frame assembly with adjustable feet ( But see my comment below)
  • Two insert rings 31.8mm and 67.5mm diameter to reduce table aperture.
  • Lead on pin for bearing guided curved work.
  • Edge planing facility on back fence of 1.4mm and 2.4mm.
  • Cable management clips (no idea?)
  • No volt release switch.
  • Mitre fence with zeroing and spelch block facility.
All those above are complete included with the package except as noted here:
  • When I first purchased the table, I wanted to fit the frame with castors. I ended up buying the castors from Trend as the inserts in the leg were 3/8" UNC, not 10mm as I had assumed. The Trend castors raise the table by another 35mm to 925mm bench height. The original height of 890 was only just acceptable to me and 925 was just too much, so I just sawed off the bottom of the legs with original welded in inserts and simply inserted 35mm square tube feet. It's now too low! - But he-ho it works. All this just so you know.
  • The router "cyclone dust adaptor" is cracked. It's fitted right now with a 3D printed adapter to a 32mm id. hose and works fine.
  • I'm assuming that I put the "hard storage case" in our loft but I would have to verify that.
  • The "cable management clips" remain a mystery to me.
No photos at the moment. I've already used too much space. If you're interested in buying all this at my asking price of £365 or close to that, let me know and I'll get it out from its dark corner at first opportunity and take a few decent photographs.

I'm sure I don't need to point out that buying the above combination (albeit with a T14 router) would cost around double that but with no real benefit - Except for that bloody stand!

I will also include a 3/8 sq. drive speed brace which with the appropriate socket makes it a lot quicker to carry out an otherwise tedious coarse height adjustments from the top of the table using the supplied tool.
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Here are the photos of the Trend WRT Router Table and Trend T11 Router:
Trend CRT & T11-1567.jpg
Trend CRT & T11-1571.jpg
Trend CRT & T11-1564.jpg
Trend CRT & T11-1568.jpg
Trend CRT & T11-1579.jpg
Trend CRT & T11-1574.jpg
I have now decided to keep my router to re-use in my new home made table and cabinet and offer the table in the 240V configuration originally supplied from Trend.

So I can achieve that, I am replacing the "butchered" leg support frames with new ones from Trend. They arrived today and I can now the router table with a complete frame and Trend wheel kit.

The following routers can be used in this table without modification:

TREND T3, T4, T5, T9, T10, T11, T14
DEWALT DW613, 614, 615, DW624, 625E
ELU MOF96(E) MK2., MOF131, 177(E) Mk2
PERLES OF808(E)>1999

Other routers may require re-drilling the mount plate. Of course the Trend T11 and T14 are equipped as standard to be adjusted from the top of the table.

Full details on Trend's website at WRT Workshop Router Table | Trend Tool Technology

The manual can also be downloaded from Trend at Router Table Instructions | Trend Tool Technology

Asking price now for the bare table with all originally supplied accessories: £150

Please ignore the Trend T11 router and its accessories shown in the photographs. They are NOT included.
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