FedEx - the most spectacularly incompetent carrier of them all !

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That's a good article. Thanks for putting it here.

Personally, I rarely have an issue with the delivery drivers, but the systems and the falsified status reports annoy the H out of me.

Parcelfarce struck again just a fortnight ago on a purchase from another member of this forum. They failed to deliver on a 2 day service, not a big deal as it happens, but it was reported as "delivery attempted". Of course it wasn't. There was no card through the door as there should have been, not because they ran out of cards but because they hadn't been near the place. Parcelforce have real time display of the van's location all day while it's out doing the rounds so you can see exactly where they are and it it wasn't here - at least not until the following Monday when someone made it.

Sceptic that I am, I assume that all logistic companies are managed by statistics and exception. In parcelforce's case either their definition of "delivery attempted" is some artificial concept that is satisfied as soon as a package is loaded onto a delivery van or overstressed drivers / depot managers and down through the organisation get into the habit of falsifying the stats so that they won't get hauled over the coals and lose their fees or bonuses.

As consumers, the best thing that we can do is not give business to companies that we know to be incompetent and dishonest ?
Hermes take the prize atm. Four times I've booked collections and four times no sign of MyHerpes. The last two were booked through ebay so thought they might have been OK, but silly me! I should have known better. There is nowhere anywhere on their site you can attempt to get something you've paid for done, and nowhere to complain.