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15 May 2023
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I had to disconnect a double socket in my garage/workshop. Reconnected the wires live in/out, neutral in/out, earth in/out.
Using socket tester, right hand socket tests ok, left hand socket trips out.
I think this must be the socket failing as everything else tests ok.
I’ve left it turned off at the consumer unit until I can replace it tomorrow.
Views welcome
Tested with a plug in socket tester.
4 other double sockets tested ok left and right, so tester ids ok
Replacement socket tests ok and works fine.
Thanks for input Etaf and Sideways
Left side (that failed) had a freezer permanently plugged in, right side, occasionally a tumble drier, or various tools (eg router).
It didn’t fail with the freezer plugged in, but after wires removed and replaced,
Freezer is ok, ran all night off another socket, and is now running ok off the replacement.
The failed socket was >35yrs old, if that’s relevant
The failed socket was >35yrs old, if that’s relevant
That is probably the reason it failed, it also highlights the importance of proper electrical test and inspection because sockets can lead to thermal events.

I would look at changing any other sockets you have of a similar vintage to be on the safe side.
Also... generallly better (wiser?) to go better brand metalclad sockets, spurs, switches etc. than really cheap.
Incidentally I have used a Martindale socket tester for yonks and/or another brand equally good... Recently came across this (on the big river website) from Martindale and although not exactly cheap..., I think it's a useful more complete tester to have about. It won't do as full grade sign off tester of course; more just to check the socket(s) etc. are OK - should there be any issues raising doubts about sockets/wiring.

Martindale EZ365 Socket, Earth Loop and RCD Tester, Yellow, 65 x 80 x 59 mm

There is slightly cheaper brand/version on the big river company website (and elsewhere) but for price difference I go for the Martindale - been around for aeons.
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The Martindale is a good little tester and the company cares about their reputation.
This model with the rcd trip button is new, but the £55 one with everything except rcd trip was subject to a recall several years ago and all customers were sent new replacements. It must have cost them a few bob. Don't expect that from some no name off Amazon.

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