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Steve Maskery

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26 Apr 2004
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In the last 24 hours I have had absolutely excellent and absolutely appalling Customer Service from two different companies. But let's leave Appliances Direct out of it for the moment and concentrate on the brilliant service I got yesterday from DJN Air Filters.

My old Electra Beckum DX (nearly thirty years old, now) has always been pretty good at the big stuff like chippings, but has never been very good at the finer stuff. As a result, my workshop has a perpetual layer of dust over everything.


Last weekend, a few woodies came round and DougB, once of this Parish, told me that RogerS, also late of round here, had retro-fitted a cylindrical filter to his DX. So I asked Roger where he got his filter from and he sent me the details. It turns out that DJN Air Filters are 15 minutes from where I live, so I popped round yesterday afternoon.

What fantastic service! I explained what I wanted to achieve, they gave me a few options, took me into the factory area, got a couple of filters out for me to see. They have a rubber gasket, but I can have that anywhere I want it. I said I'd have to go back and measure more precisely and come back.

"Tell you what", says he, "Why don't you take this one and try it. If you can get it to fit, come back and pay us. Is a week long enough?" I was, of course, a very happy bunny with that idea. We carried on talking for a bit and he asked me what sort of stuff I made. Furniture, mainly, but all kinds of odds and ends.

He went out and came back with a plywood disc with a groove and a flange on it.

"Could you make one of these?"

"Yes, but that's good quality Birch Ply, expensive stuff, it's years since I bought any so I'd have to price that up before I could give you a price. How many do you want?"

He wants 3, but I reckon a sheet would yield 10 or even 12.

The upgrade.

The filter is 700mm tall and about 320mm diameter.


The existing ring gasket is not in the right place for my machine, but they said I could have it anywhere I wanted on the surface. No need, I have some leather, so I cut out some pieces and glued them on to the end.




That black smudge is me being careless with the spray adhesive, then trying to clean it up but making it ten times worse in the process.

To fasten it down, I cut a piece of wood to fit inside the machine, and embedded an M8 nut. That requires a 13mm blind hole and then a through hole at 8.5mm.


Then I pull a nut into the cavity


and jam the thingy into the wotsit.


The filter then goes atop, held down with a rubber washer, steel washer and nut.


Proper job, and over 20x the filtration surface area of my old cloth bag.

All I have to do now is go back and pay for it (£52+VAT, if you are interested), and pick up a bit of work in the process.

Now don't get me started on Appliances Direct...


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That's a really good price for a filter of that size. I paid more than that for one from Axminster, though to be fair mine did come with paddles in it too.
Looks great Steve I’m sure your lungs would thank you if they could.

Ironically my lad applied for an apprenticeship at DJN a few weeks back but was a little too late otherwise I had hoped for some staff discount :D
Looks great Steve. It's also really useful to know, as I have a (very much "roundtuit") plan to build a cyclone or Thien baffle type extractor at some point, but wanted a filter like that for the exhaust. I'll keep a reference to DJN for future use.
That price is outstanding esp when it comes with good service - think I'll bookmark them.

On a similar note also dust related I ordered a stack of stuff from dustspares.com - hose, floppy bag, etc and their prices were really good. Arrived next day too.
Hi Steve, I am very interested in updating my extraction unit, an Electra Beckum SPA 1100, very similar to yours. would you be able let me have the spec of the filter cartridge you used please. I plan on contacting them to order a filter,

thanks Peter
Hi miffy
Sorry, I did see your post but I got side-tracked.

Just mention my name :)

I don't have the part number for it, but it is 700mm tall and 325 diameter. Just tell them you want the same one as mine, they will sort you out, I'm sure.
Been in contact with DJN about a filter, Dan sent me all the spec for the filter and the price of £52 + Vat and delivery.
Well pleased and will be ordering one today, thanks Steve, and Dan from DJN filters, Excellent service.

Thanks for posting this

I've been put off these larger chip extractor type machines as i presumed the cloth bag type wouldn't keep much fine dust out and the larger pleated filter type looked particularly expensive.

How are you finding the dust levels in the workshop since fitting a new filter?

Do you then refit the cloth bag on top of the filter?



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After reading this post I recently purchased a filter from DJN....can happily recommend them 'Dan Thomas' was very helpful.

As I'm not local, shipping was £15, which for the size and weight of the unit was reasonable.

not sure my dust extractor has ever been as powerful - So my thanks to both Steve and DJN
Excellent upgrade. Unfortunately my extractor uses a 500mm bag/cartridge and prices for a similar filter are around £160. But you have got me thinking