Recent upgrades, 2 new 3D printers.

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Chip of the old block
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25 Dec 2020
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I have recently upgraded my 2 Anycubic Kobra 2's to the Flash Forge Adventurer 5M pros. While there isn't anything wrong with the Kobra's the lack of an enclosure meant I had trouble with ASA printing.

I got what I though was a decent deal for the 2 Flash Forge printers. £950 delivered and i have to say the experience has been great, fantastic prints right out the box, PLA, ASA-CF and ASA have been great after minor tweaks to the speeds, particularly for ASA-CF. The build in carbon filter also means I can print at home without the smelly issue that come with ASA and ABS. Being connected to the home network is also a big bonus, I can send jobs to the printer right from the slicer.

The biggest con is the build plate is smaller than the Kobra, 200mm and 230mm respectively, this has meant I have had to redesign the items I sell on eBay so they would fit on the smaller bed.
I did think about that but I really don't have the space. Plus the FlashForge has super quick and easy nozzle change.