Dust Extraction Hose Diameter


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21 Oct 2020
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Bridgwater, Somerset
Hi all,

Specific case of what size reduction adaptor to buy, wondered if you could help.

I have a Charnwood dust extractor with a 100mm (4”) inlet and a Makita table saw with a 50mm (2”) outlet.

Do I,

a) buy a 100mm (4”) to 50mm (2”) reducer and use my 100mm (4”) hose connected via the adaptor directly to the table saw or

b) buy a 50mm (2”) to 32mm (1 1/4”) reducer and use the record power 100mm (4”) to 32mm (1 1/4”) hose I use for my power tools connected directly to the table saw using the adaptor?

Also if anyone has any reliable resources for information regarding dust extraction hose sizes, ideally in m3/hour this would also be nice.


Do you have a cylinder vacuum like a Henry etc you could use which would give a better high pressure suction???
I have a titan vacuum.

My idea was to connect the main 63mm dust port to the charnwood extractor using a 100mm to 63mm reducer.

I also have a guard which has a 50mm port on it. I either get a 63mm Y piece and then a 63mm to 50mm reducer and run hose up to the guard or use a separate vacuum to collect at the guard.

Starting to get complicated.

Any ideas?

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