Camvac 2 motors hose reduction with cyclone effect on efficiency?

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the great waldo

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2 Aug 2021
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I am trying to set up a dust extraction system for my SMALL workshop. I have a camvac twin motor model and also have 2 cyclone separators. One is a separator with 80 mm in/out connections the other is a super dust deputy with a 5" connector. What I would like to know is which of the following scenarios would work best. My work shop is only 5m x 3m so not huge but I would like to have the system fixed and not have hoses trailing all over the place. Here are some options.
The Machines I have are a Startrite 352 a small emco b50 10" planer thicknesser with a helix spiral cutter and a 1m x 0.5m cnc machine. One drummsander 16"

1: Use the camvac with the supplied 80mm reducer and run 80mm pvc pipe into the smaller cyclone and stick with 100 mm adaptors at the machines (maybe keep 80mm at the cnc ).

2: Use the camvac with the 80mm cyclone fit 80 mm to 100 mm adapter connect to 100 mm pvc pipe and stick with 100 mm connectors at the machines.

3: Use the camvac into the super dust deputy and run 100mm pvc into the machines.

Using the camvac I have noticed that with a 100 mm hose the suction seems to drop off drastically when measuring a couple of inches away from the hose, with narrower hose the suction to distance away from hose seems much better ? anyone with any ideas?
I was also wondering if using scenario 2 would the suction diminish after the 80 mm cyclone going into the 100mm pipework. The main problem I have with scanrio 3 is that the super dust deputy is a real monster (size wise) the 80mm cyclone is much smaller. With the camvac compared to my old hvlp extractor, it seems to have less "suck" !! Any comments will be gratefully received.

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