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Do Record lathes normally make this noise?


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I bought a 1998 vintage Record CL1 lathe last year, which looks to be in very good condition, as if it hasn't been used very much. However I am wondering if the bearings are in need of replacement, because I get a whirring noise that increases with each speed. It's not excessively noisy just louder than I would have expected. If I take the belt off and just run the motor it is very quiet. I've done some research and found that the bearings for this model are quite cheap, but I don't want to waste a couple of hours changing them if they are OK

Does anybody have any experience with this lathe, is it meant to sound like this?



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21 Oct 2002
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The Ceredigion Uplands
I'm not familiar with this one - I have a Record No:3. This has a combination of roller race at the rear and a connical sleeve at the front.

If the bearings are the standard connical type,check them for thrust and side play. You will need a fairly gloopy oil and set it up when warm.
You can adjust the bearings with the lock rings, but it is a fiddle.

I tend to use Oregon Chain saw oil that is a similar consistency to treacle. Sounds odd, I know, but it avoids the stuff flying out of the bearing when hot.

Otherwise if they are ordinary roller bearings you can change the lot for a few quid.


I have a 1998 CL1 and find it very quiet running. It is slightly quieter with the motor on its own, but only slightly. The bearings are maintenance free and sealed for life on the CL1 and are very easy to replace.
Have you tried turning the headstock spindle by hand with the belt disconnected, mine runs freely and smoothly.
If it is not your bearings, you may be overtightening the belt, which can significantly increase the noise. I find the weight of the motor is more than enough, and if you have a dig in, the belt will slip which is slightly easier on the blood pressure.