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Sold Record coronet lathe


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Mick p

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22 Dec 2017
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For sale a fairly unique vintage Record coronet woodturning lathe that’s has been converted by Record power to electronic variable speed via an inverter so works on 240v its very little used in almost original condition an amazing piece of English engineering made in Sheffield with solid steel bed bars .The headstock can swivel and has an outboard platform so able to turn bowls and platters up to 20 inches and can turn spindle’s to 36 inches long the lathe comes with a standard 10 inch tool rest and a right 10 x 5 inch angled rest a 4 inch face plate a wooden box with a large 4 prong spur drive small 4 prong spur drive a cup drive and live centre MT 1 and 3/4 x 16tpi please check the photos for the quality condition and sizes any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me
Your welcome to come and try it out Collection only as it weighs 92kg can be easily taken apart for transporting.£590
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