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Sold FOR SALE : Record Power Model 0 Lathe £125 ONO (Runcorn NW England)


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17 Jan 2014
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FOR SALE : Record Power Model 0 Lathe
Recently got a smaller lathe to fit the space so this is now surplus to requirements.

New bearings and belt end of 2017 with not much use in between, everything operates great and is just too large for the space i had.

3 speeds (2000, 950 and 450), simple and VERY quick to change the speed (top cover lifts off, change the pulleys used, done!)

1MT at both headstock and tailstock, will come with a drive centre and a live tailstock and a Nova Chuck inset for the thread on the drive.

Moving parts cleaned and move freely and smoothly and this is well built and good condition, no idea of YOM but probably 90's

It does need to be bolted down for use so be aware of this, but if you are considering it then you will most likely know about this.

Looks to be around 6" from centre of headstock to the bars and max spindle around 27ish inches, although i expect you could buy smaller length bars if needed.

Pick up only due to weight (can deliver if local) you will get whats in the pictures. NO tools or chuck included, just the bare lathe and the drive centre, tailstock and a few odds.

**I have a video available of it running and the components, its just a bit too big to post** 20211107_145116.jpg20211107_145125.jpg20211107_145135.jpg20211107_145157.jpg20211107_145809.jpg20211107_145840.jpg20211107_150300.jpg20211107_150325.jpg20211107_150341.jpg

£125 and located in Runcorn, NW england

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