Dismanting extractor fan


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29 Jul 2017
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Cornwall UK
I wonder if anyone has managed to take one of these apart?

As I am struggling and don't want to break it

The face place comes off with two screws no problem, the instructions say loosen the screws but leave them in, then pull bottom of grille while lifting

But it does not seem to want to budge

Any ideas appreciated
Yes indeed

I was out grandson sitting all day and rushed the adding of photos, I will try again now
These are the photos I tried to post earlier

Its a bathroom fan, it has a stand off cover, removed by two screws, the instructions say loosen the screws but don't remove them, then pull bottom of grille while lifting

But it seems securely stuck

I did not want to break it by forcing it

Any ideas appreciated


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If it's anything like my fan, the cover has a lip or cleat it attaches to on the body, so removing the screws further, or just some more vigorous wiggling to slide the face plate slightly to detach from the cleat, before it comes off entirely. Hope that makes sense.

On my fan the screws need to come off completely .

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I did try that and removing them completely

I should say I have done several different varieties in the past but this one is being stubborn

I was hoping someone had previous experience of this one knew the knack of getting the grille off

It really can't be that hard but don't want to break it, its in my daughters home
Possibly the installer used silicone around the tube.
take the cover fully off and try a thin putty knife around the edge.
Thanks for that thought, I don't think so but will check again

This type of fan can be wall mounted too, and you can adjust the angle either way by 5 degrees, (although how you could fit a wall fan 5 degrees out is another matter) but the ceiling fan does move the 5 degrees with no apparent hindrance

Its really annoying for such a simple problem, its in a new build so all the properties around will have the same fans, surely I cannot be the only one to take one apart to clean the fan blade ;-)