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9 Feb 2021
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High Wycombe
Hello again!
I am in the market for a dado set, and wondered if anybody has any advice, other than not to get one or to use a router.
It will be used in my home (hobby) workshop, I have 20+ years of experience using large, dangerous tools, plant and machinery.
I’m definitely getting one, just not sure which.

I am looking at the Oshlun 6 or 8 inch set from Amazon US at about £88, this has full size chipper blades so a bit more mass to get going than a lot of the dado sets out there but seems well reviewed.

Has anybody used one of these Oshlun sets and are you happy with it?

Oshlun SDS-0842 8-Inch 42 Tooth Stack Dado Set with 5/8-Inch Arbor : DIY & Tools

Can I get away with the 8” set on my AGS10 240v 2hp saw?
It will mostly be used for dados in mrmdf and birch ply but I do intend on using it occasionally for some joinery/box joints using a sled which is why I want the extra depth of cut from the 8.
So i think it will never will it be used for a full 2” depth of cut.
Thanks I’m advance.
I bought a Dewalt 7670 dado set a few years ago, it wasn't cheap and took nearly two months to arrive from the US however on the few occasions I could be bothered to set it up the results were pretty good. In the end I found the blade swapping, setting up etc. too time consuming so it collected more dust sitting on the shelf rather than creating sawdust.

My saw took a 10 inch normal blade and it took an 8 inch set just fine even though the motor was 1.5hp, I needed to make a special insert as I only had the regular one but that wasn't difficult.
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I run an 8'' dado in a 2hp delta saw. There does not appear to be any power problem. I have not however tried a full width full depth cut with it. I cant see ever needing the full depth to be honest. For what you want to do 2hp should be fine. Another point in favor of the 8'' as opposed to the 6'' is blade speed.
Years ago I used to use an 8” Freud stacked dado on a single phase 2hp ags & it worked fine, so your machine should certainly cope. I just found depending on what material I was cutting it could leave chipped edges, you really need a tight fitting zero clearance plate.
Never seen or heard of the Oshlun but it looks a bit of a bargain at the price.