Cutting an in-situ ceramic tile

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29 Jan 2017
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It all started a couple of weeks ago when our thermostatic shower valve finally gave up the ghost. It was going to cost me £130 to buy something with similar dimensions. The alternative was a lower spec simple manual control valve for £100 less.
It arrived today so I set about fitting it right away (BO was the incentive to get on with it). A problem reared its ugly head (don't they always on this sort of exercise?). The valve body was shorter than the old one which meant the bezel wouldn't fit. The solution was to sink the bezel into the tiling but this meant trimming back the tiles, effectively reducing the wall thickness,
My first approach was to chain drill just inside my desired line and then carefully chip away with a cold chisel. This left me with a rather ragged edge to clean up, but how?
In rooting around the Bits & Pieces Dept of my w/s I came across one of these tile cutting blades. I snipped out a short length to put into my cordless drill chuck to use as a mini rotary rasp. This seemed to work quite well but I found the Dremel was better with its higher speed. I noticed that it was cutting through the tile glaze very easily which led me to think this could be a good method to achieve the whole cut. So here it is in action cutting an initial groove just inside my guide line:-

Ending up with a nice clean cut:-


If I'd used this method from the start it would have been completed in 15 mins or so.