converting single phase to 3 phase

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22 Feb 2013
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Hello All once again.
I know this subject has been discussed before but I can't find it . we only have single phase in our work shop but have been given a Sedgwick mortice machine 3 phase and a Sander too, also 3phase .
Would you let us know how to use vfds or what ever other converters there are to operate these machines, sorry for being a pest. desmo11225
The simplest method would be a converter be it a static one or a rotary one. Statics are cheaper than rotary but you loose power.
An inverter is the next option but then you need to do some homework and check your 3 phase motors to see if they are dual voltage. If they are then you can get cheap inverters
You can buy inverters now that are for fixed star wound motors BTW.
Not impossible to use a regular VFD if you are willing to dig out the star point, but you might not need to.

Going through this with another forum member who has bought a 100 quid Huanyang for his dual voltage motor.
The newer units seem to have issue with the relay, or common as it might be better known as.
Not a problem for a machine that doesn't need a hands free paddle switch though.

I would buy an Isacon VFD for each if it were me, that's if I had no business as these are not compliant with the
10 second machine stopped and isolated from the mains health and safety rules.

Beware that some Isacon VFD's/inverters on eBay are not what you get, some sellers are selling mini VFD's
the size of your palm with pictures of the regular sized ones.
Make sure you ask or check the dimentions first before buying.

Here's some links to know more about them, make a cuppa for yourself




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