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Colleague smashed top of my Festool CT Mini


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16 Mar 2019
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I have the same model, CTL MIDI GB 240V R, which I purchased 6 years ago. In that time, I've broken the 500118 twice, frustratingly each time within the last 18 months. The first time a 13' scaffold board fell on it. The second time it fell off my bench. Avoid putting it on the bench, but if you have to then employ the brake!

I got the first one at £36.99 from sales@ptctools.co.uk in Liverpool. Got the second one at £32.82 from service@bunnysbolts.com. There was a long wait for the second one due to Covid19?, but I suspect the delay was, more likely, due to Brexit.

I've recently bought a Festool open toolbox which I've attached to the CTL, to protect it. The logic there is, I'm hoping the toolbox is stronger than the hood. Good luck hunting down the best price.