Collapsed dust extraction container

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I've only got a small canister type vaccum similar to all the other generic models around the £100 mark. I fitted a cheap cyclone from the bay to a small 30 L steel drum purchased from a UK manufacturer based in Hull. No prv and its never collapsed even when the hose is blocked for a moment. The steel drum was around the £30 mark but worth every penny.
That says a Lot about the fuel-pump, doesn't it ?
Indeed, two high capacity pumps on the V8's. I have seen one where the owner was mystified why he couldn't get more than about 20 litres in what was a 100 litre tank. Down to having a mobile phone aerial installed and whoever did it had crushed the vent pipe. The tank looked like it had been run over by a tank. It sits upright between the back seats and the boot, fun to change!
The same happened to mine. After the third time of uncollapsing it, I disposed of it and bought a steel one - doesn't collapse now!

You might also consider downsizing your vac, I have two cyclones one is attached to a 1.5 gallon vac and the other is attached to a 3 gallon vac and with both set ups I use 5 gallon plastic pales that work well smaller one I use with my scroll saws and the larger I use with my belt sander, table saw once in a while wood planer (short jobs) Have A Great Day.

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