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21 Mar 2023
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I am generally a hobby hand tool woodworker. Most of the mess I make is shavings which I brush up. Occasionally I do use a powered router, jigsaw or a hand held sander from Makita and for dust extraction I've been using a (very) noisy Vacmaster wet dry vacuum connected to a cheapo cyclone over a small blue plastic container.

The shop vac is basically one of these Vacmaster

Recently I have bought a Laguna 14BX bandsaw to help do some of the heavy lifting (resewing mainly) which unsurprisingly does not work well with my current janky setup. It has two 100mm ports and the manual suggests 1000 CFM minimum for the airflow.

I'm now ready to try and improve my setup and adapt to the new bandsaw. I don't have a huge amount of space but in theory I could have two extractors (one HPLV for the smaller tools and one HVLP for the bandsaw). Ideally I would really like if I could have one machine.

Reducing noise would be a huge benefit for me. This shouldn't be too hard as the vac master is about 90db stood near it.

Things I have considered:

Getting a festool dust extractor like the CT26 as an upgrade over my current vac master and possibly upgrading the cyclone to something more robust. If I go this route I assume I would also need something specific for the bandsaw.

Getting a HPLV system with 100mm ports like the numatic NVD750 (or a camvac?) and using the adapter with a cyclone for 38mm type work and swapping to the bandsaw each time using 100mm flexible tubing. This would hopefully be one extractor for both jobs.

Im also interested buy the smaller numatic NV750 as this is pretty quiet but with smaller ports might not be effective on the bandsaw?

I really don't make a lot of dust. I hardly ever have to empty the cyclone bucket. The vac bags last easy 12 months. I do however struggle to control dust generally and really need to improve this.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Just for some more info. I don't own a P/T or table saw and don't intend to get them. I do have a drill press in a fixed position but I think I can manage dust from that using the current set up.

The bandsaw is on wheels so I can move it to cut longer lengths so not in a fixed location.

I would assume that if I had a tables saw or P/T then the advice would be see this as two problems and get two extractors (HVLP and HPLV) but as its only a bandsaw maybe I don't need to do that.
So I've tried to simplify this by making modifications to the bandsaw. I found a video about my specific bandsaw and creating a custom dust shroud to both improve the dust collection but also make it more suited to a HPLV sho vac style setup.

I'm now thinking I have the bandsaw setup with two 63mm ports (step down from the top port and my new dust port) going into a HPLV system.

For the shop vac I'm thinking going to the Festool CTL 26. Quieter. Good filtering. Seems popular. Even if it doesn't work well with the bandsaw it should cover all my other needs.

I'm thinking I could use the Festool via a 50mm hose to the cen-tec quick click separator (a cyclone with 63mm ports) and then on to the bandsaw via 63mm and other tools via a step down.

Any one have thoughts on this?

Have you seen this video by @Steve Maskery?

Very helpful thanks.

Also nice that it matches up with what I'm thinking in terms of using HPLV for everything.

I have created the below shroud and I was going to get a 63mm dust port added to it but watching that I might be better off just putting some plumbing pipe through it and get that as close to the blade as possible.

One of the 100mm ports that came with the bandsaw has a grill. Anyone know why they added that? Would be great to also put pipe into there to get as close to that as possible but I would need to cut the grill off.


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