Chinese lathe Reeves drive questions

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18 Dec 2021
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Isle of Wight
A couple of questions about the Reeves drive on the generic Chinese lathes, now that I am starting to look at and reassemble my gift horse.

No belt came with mine, both pulleys spin, but the speed selection lever is stuck in position one. It will disengage from the selector, but will not move up to the higher speeds. Does this function only work when the motor is spinning both pulleys, via the belt?
Also, what is the correct standard belt size for these lathes? I have seen 560 x 13 x 8 and 3L240 mentioned, but as far as I have been able to discover these are two different size belts. Mine is an older Delta badged 12” x 36”.

Thanks in advance….Gareth
The mechanisms at both ends are sprung so that as the pulley diameter increases or decreases at one end the opposite happens at the other end, thereby altering the drive speed.
Yes, the speed change works only when the lathe is running
Thanks Phil, that at least explains why I am apparently stuck in 1st, now all I have to do is find the correct belt size.