Delta lathe Reeves variable speed drive spares

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18 Dec 2021
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Isle of Wight
Hi one and all.

I have been given a Delta lathe 12"x 36", with two chunks out of the motor pulleys on the Reeves drive. I am almost certain this lathe is rebadged to a number of suppliers as it is identical to a mate's SIP, apart from an electrconic rev counter. Where would be the best place to sorce spares for the machine now that Delta a distant memory. Thanks in advance...Gareth


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I think some Jet models were interchangeable with Delta, so might be worth a call to Axminster tools
That looks the same as my Axminster CCL lathe. They still provide parts for or did a year or so back.


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looks identical to a jet. A few months ago, just took apart the reeves pullies , cleaned em, and re-installed them. problem was too much dust on the shafts,preventing one/both from sliding as you changed speeds!

Buddy just bought one with pully problems, so I priced them for him from the local "transmission supply" folks. Replacements were about 200CDN$, but if the nicks in the pully are just on the outside, just remove the pullys, , clean em with brake cleaner, add a bit of lube (not too much) and you should be good for a few years.
It looks like the missing chunks are on the outer edge of the motor pulley. That part would only be used for maximum speed.

If you can live with a lower top speed, just put some sort of limiter or stop on the speed adjuster so the belt never rides high enough to encounter the damaged part.