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19 Mar 2007
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About 6 years back I bought a new toy for me. A Canon EOS 500D with the EF-S 18-200mm lens. It was the brand new model and has done a load of travelling with me and I have no idea just how many photos I have taken. I bought it from the U.K. because it was so much cheaper than buying it here.

A month or so back I noticed that there was the beginning of a problem with the auto focus at 200mm and as it worsened I had to support the front tube of the lens. I contacted the Canon repair centre at Elstree and they gave me the price for inspection and possible repair, 70 odd ££s I can't remember exactly? So I bit the bullet, packed it up safely and sent it over on the 30th June. I have a confirmation of arrival and was told "special warranty". I queried that by phone and was told that if it was a Canon problem that was the situation with the warranty. I had notification on the 20th of this month to say it was on its way back by UPS, still no idea of the cost? When it arrived, or UPS said it had been delivered and signed for by me! I had not seen hide nor hair of it!! UPS had delivered it to a neighbour and falsified the signature. Anyway, that's a different story.

The neighbour delivered it to us when she got back from work. I opened the box and when I looked at the invoice I found that all the work was done under warranty and the return was included!

I was sent an e-mail the day before by UPS to inform me of the delivery next day. Next day I checked and found they had delivered it so I checked our empty post box. I phoned the lass at the Canon repair centre again and told her that as far as UPS was concerned it had been delivered and they had a signature she was mortified when I told her. Anyway, it appears that the courrier delivered it just as the postie was delivering post to the neighbour and dropped it into their box falsifying my signature. She filed a complaint to UPS U.K. and it is all being handled by them and I just wait for the merde to hit the fan!!

So basically I am a very happy bunny and very impressed with the service I had from Canon. I now have a fully serviced and checked lens and all done under a 6 year warranty!! UPS sub contract to local firms for the final delivery and they seem to need to do some checking on just who they use me-thinks?
And you are happy and told people on this forum who may well be influenced by this which is why I can't understand how short sighted some companies are who don't treat customers well. I used to work for a company that treated their customers like this, I now work for one that treats them with contempt and wonders why they are losing market share.
This is common with couriers now. the drivers are under so much pressure they do anything possible to save a few steps per call.
I had a parcel sent care of a relatives house, told the suppliers not to deliver before a certain date because they were away.
Later I find out the supplier screwed up and sent it out early, and then the courier said it had been delivered and signed for by me.
Good going, as the house was empty for another 6 days after delivery, and the people who lived there had a different last name to me. The parcel was delivered to a house 4 doors away.

Later, I had another parcel delivered to the same address in sussex, and this time I got one of those tracking notices saying I could follow the driver and check his progress. He started the day, and my parcel was number 97 on his drop list! And I know mine wasn't his last of the day.
We get what we pay for. Until customers are prepared to pay for a decent service and companies stop trying to outdo each other chasing halfpennies down a drain by offering the lowest delivery/free delivery cost in a desperate attempt to get market share then are you surprised that there are so many problems with deliveries? As a society, we seem to know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.
That's nice to know - is this 6yr warranty fairly standard because I bought a 70D last year and if you registered online you got an extra year IE 2yrs?
Having said that, I've had Canons for over 30yrs and none of them needed any repairs [SMILING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]

I have had a 5d mk2 since it was new and last year took it out and there were a few things wrong with it...couldn't change iso and aperture by any means
Sent it to canon expecting the worse (price wise)
It was only there a day and it was back on its way to me and it was only £95 for a new top panel near the shutter button
Very impressed with the service all told
As harbo has said its the first repair of any canon equipment in 35 years that I have needed

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