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Phil Pascoe

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29 Jan 2012
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Without going into the politics, if you do buy from/through Amazon (I expect most people do from time to time anyway) look into Amazon Smile - if you buy through that they donate to a charity of your choice (a limited choice, but hey ho) - it's only pence, but if millions do it ... It doesn't cost you, and there'd just as well be some benefit.
Please keep any comments politics free. We've heard it all before.

(edit - it doesn't apply to every purchase.)
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how does it work Phil, do you go to and select the items as normal, or ...
soon as you get to amazon, a box with a big "smile" comes up offering you the choice. Paypal also has a donate box on their invoice page.
I use it and will occasionally get an email enticing me to purchase something I have in my Amazon cart while I think about buying it. If I click on the link and purchase it, I'm doing it thru the Smile. I have a few cents each purchase done that way going to a charity of my choice. It does not seem to effect the operation of Amazon at all.
According to 'Smile' 85 of my last orders have supported my favourite charity which haven't in themselves generated much income, but along with other people we have raised over £500 for the same cause, it all helps. It's completely transparent in use
Thanks for the heads up on that Phil,
I use Amazon a lot and had no idea what it was, I try not to click on things in Amazon as I always think they are trying to sell me something else, I shall most definitely try it out.