I just got a phone call from Axminster Tools


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5 Oct 2014
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In their outlet they have a drum sander(AP406DS), priced at £990. I put in a cheeky offer of £840, plus the 60 quid post for a total of £900 and was rejected.
They came back with a counter offer of £955(not inc postage)

I declined.

I would have liked a drum sander, as we all know you cant always thickness everything, especially the curly or interlocking grains of many hardwoods, and I was pricing others i might have afforded namely the charnwood model, which is £750, so £900 for the Axminster one would have been a nice deal, and £400 off the retail price.
Im not putting down Charnwod, but it is a generic thing, and maybe not the quality that Axminster has, and I suppose if anyone were given the choice, all would pick the Ax over it.

Thought nothing more. Hey ho :(

But then this morning, a few minutes ago a nice lady from Ax phoned me, said they'd looked over the reviews and offers and were prepared to accept my initial offer of £840.

I didn't need asking twice :D

Very nice of them to do so I thought. Maybe reaffirmed my faith in the brand.
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Congratulations! It looks nice, but the 63mm dust port seems to be a bit small, especially when the photos show it connected to what appears to be a 100mm extraction hose and the specifications require 750 cubic meters per hour.
I've actually one of the older Axminster fine dust extractors thats about that diameter. I dont know what the air speed rating is but its pretty powerful and im sure its got enough oomph.

I suppose at a stretch I could reduce my big chipping/fine extractor. Thats 2hp with plenty of power, even with a reducer on.
the photos show it connected to what appears to be a 100mm extraction hose
Took a look and the pics show a reducer fitted.
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