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10 May 2011
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Aploogies if this is not the correct terminology. I am looking for brass section approx 2" square to make some legs for a piece of furniture. Four legs at around 850mm long. Ideally polished but if that's not too difficult I might be able do it. Not had much luck looking on line or in the suppliers section of this forum.
Any help appreciated.
I'd ring Aalco, if they don't have it they'll tell you who does. They have branches nationwide so check out their stockist list first
I assume you mean square tube rather than solid, either way it's going to be expensive.
Thanks all. Yes doesn't seem readily available over 1 1/2" (which is a bit too small for my needs)..
I am North London based.
If these people want brass they will pay for it so cost isn't the overriding factor. Besides doing them in nice timber is still of a certain cost.
Nice and polished against a nice timber or veneer will I think be worth it.
I looked for "brass leg caps" and got the one below. Maybe try to contact them and see if they have bigger. ... Swi8VZVb7z

"Plan B" would be to get brass sheet as already suggested and have it either folded and braze the corner or braze all four corners if they must be sharp. You'll have to hunt down someone that can do the brazing.

Or "Plan C" would be to get aluminium box section extrusion and after cutting to length have it anodized gold. No doubt there are more that you can search up. Some of the suppliers below can also do it all in house saving you a lot or running around. ... (2x2x16swg)/p799 ... 0126391210 ... x-section/ ... quare-tube

I assume both the brass-ness and the square-ness are important to you.

If brass and cost outweighs the shape, have a look at the hairpin leg company (amazon). I've just used some yellow powder coated ones and am very pleased with the quality, and they do a brass plated finish in a range of sizes up to 850 long. Ikea used to do a range of legs, I don't recall brass finish though.