Best Set Up for Hitachi / Hikoki M12V2 in a DIY table?

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23 Jun 2013
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I've just managed to get my hands on a used Hitachi M12V2. It's a fantastic source of kit - thanks to everyone for the posts on here that were so helpful in sorting out my options. Next step is to build myself a table for this router. I've perused posts here but haven't seen much discussion of equipment that works for these. Can any users of this router comment on how you've got it fitted into a table? Ideally I'd like to make a sturdy but cheap DIY table (something like this: , but recommendations of other builds are MOST welcome) with an emphasis on good dust collection. I've probably got budget to buy one decent manufactured part - am thinking maybe a good lift? Will do diy fence and feather boards etc. but if there's one purchase I can make to make it easier to change bits / adjust depth then I'm thinking that might be the place to put my money. Anyone able to recommend a configuration that's working for you with this router? Bragging about fave parts most welcome!
I actually still own this router and apart from the fact you need to pack out the depth of the guide bushes or change the router base it’s a brilliant machine. I also did a similar thing to what you are suggesting before i setup my workshop.
Things to watch are the router is very heavy and vibrates quite a lot compared to the higher end routers. Tbh I found that the best money spent was hooking it up to triton rta300. It’s a solid connection and comes with a fence and some accessories which are a bit plasticky but get you going. I also found using combination cutters where ever I could was a benefit as you can micro adjust by using a good selecting of spacer and shims rather that adjusting the plunge or router lift. You can also route out the rta into your own bench and hook up dust extraction above into the above fence and below into the router.